Whisky Review/Tasting: Ardbeg Grooves

Nosing 4:18
Whisky.com reviews the Ardbeg Grooves

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Toracos Trader says:

Horst, did you have such long hair in 1960s?

Patrick van Elewout says:

Ben…. you look like some guy out of a Tiroler film, you know what i mean…

Sargon of Dolezal says:

Damn, Ben. What’s with the Hitler mustache?

Jens Müller says:

OMFG 🙂 🙂 ^^

chrismoltisanti says:

Starnberger See?

BakiSmaki27 says:

Horst definitely loosens up outdoors

Alex Delarge says:

Have you guys done any videos on pairings/complements ? If not can you please do some?

Blue Bird says:

Ozzy Osborne and Hitler???!

BakiSmaki27 says:

Thumbs up on the wig alone

Alex Rhodes says:

You guys are crazy!!!

عاشق الحب says:

Wihskey good

Joe M says:

Feeling groovy

Tatar Tuqiş says:


Robin Kutner says:

Really great fun video looking forward to tasting keep up the good work

Kostas Maziotis says:

now this i would never expected. hahahaha its awesome to say the least!!! bravo

TheQuadPipe says:

And it is this review where these fools lose all credibility with me. The nonsense spewed about the intensity of the peat in relation to the altitude at which the whisky is drunk was probably the final straw. Good luck guys, may you receive many more bottles of free whisky. My subscription is done.

Pavel Larin says:

Always great to see your new vids after tough working hours/day… Keep on going, na zdorov’e!

MadHawaiian says:

I enjoyed this video very much.

Ex0rz says:

Another overpriced limited edition NAS? Its probably a good whisky, but is it worth the price? Most likely not. With my budget if you want more expensive whisky, its better to stick to ones with an age statement…

Joe M says:

The word “rejuvenated” is pronounced “reJuvenated”, not “reYuvenated”.

Thiago M. says:

✌️☮️ *Peace and Smoke*

Mark Wilson says:

Good one guys!

cato says:

Walchensee – beautiful!!

Phil McCain says:


H. Hemphill says:

This probably your funniest video yet.

mark5ization says:

Horst got his Grooves back! Ja!

Christopher Molloy says:

Looking good!

5litremania says:

Could it be that you are tasting more so the heavy barrel char (a charred surface yields a spicy smoky flavor) and not so much the peat?

rhaybans says:

Epic vid. Thanks guys.

Jay Chung says:

Hilarious review guys. I can’t imagine how powerful the committee release must be

ArtMorte says:

Oh my goodness, I wasn’t ready for that wig! Good fun, boys, good fun.

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