Whisky Review/Tasting: Bunnahabhain 12 years

Nosing 6:45
Whisky .com reviews the Bunnahabhain 12 years. Bunnahabhain comes from the Gaelic language and means river estuary. On the bottle is a sailor because Bunnahabhain was the first distillery which saw the sailors when they comes home.

The nose:
Smoke, sea, no sharpness, vanilla, caramel
The taste:
Oily, oak, spicy, alcoholic note, sweet, coked walnuts, malt
The finish:
Long with sweetness

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iga27 says:

cooked walnuts? why would you cook them?

Raster says:

A great whisky review! I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Slanj Bo says:

$70 CDN. I’ve had 3 bottles of this stuff all new design and each one has been slightly different. 1st one had a bit of smoke on the end, the 2nd and 3rd almost a Bourbon type taste, but the depth and balance was amazing in each. One of the good ones for under $100!

Bryan Allison says:

Horst’s best review by far! Hilarious

Welsh Toro says:

All U.K buyers take note. I just bought a bottle of this for £25 in Waitrose.

Alfonso Martinez says:

I’m new to Scotch but this has quickly become one of my favorites

Pete Dewick says:

Best reviews on u-tube.

Kevin Burkhart says:

love this!

Ebril says:

On offer £28 in Waitrose UK – 14/06/17. Would expect maybe a £25 sale like Welsh Toro mentioned more around end of year

james appleton says:

Hello Mr Luening greetings from Manchester uk i have been
Watching your channel for some time you and your son are both very professional
At what you do the entertainment value is fantastic i always enjoy listening to your stories you also
Make my partner laugh she thinks your funny keep up the good work.

Evig Sorg says:

Got a bottle of this today. Best whisky I’ve ever had. Gotta buy another one soon.

Gursewak Singh says:

opened this bottle on my birthday.it was very dark in colour and man o man it packs a punch

Shane54528 says:

I just purchased a bottle for AUD 92 @ Dan Murphy’s Sydney. A very good price for such a  good and craft presented whisky!

Irony says:

Another great review! Just got me a 5cl bottle of this whisky. Gonna try it soon.

Janah says:

Is this a good one for starter whisky drinker who is a newb and never drank whisky before ?

Bogdan says:

You’re buying alcohol and you’re worried about artificial coloring? That kind of logic I will never understand.

Alex Ks says:

Just for the protocol. Bunnahabhain is pronounced like “bun-A-ben”, without any “haven” in it.
Check out scotland documentary “Great Scotch Whisky (Documentary)” on youtube (time check 1:07:24)

ArtMorte says:

Thanks for another great review 8)

Kel G says:

Have you ever compared miniature bottles with the full large bottle nosing and tastings. I have tried a few miniatures and have noticed its not always the same. Have you ever noted this? As well the full bottles often change over time as more air gets to it, sometimes it helps and other whisky not.

hobomick says:

Strange, to me this is an extremely sweet and salty dram. Like heather covered in marmite.

Bryan Allison says:

Good shit! Excellent with a pure Nicaraguan stogie!

Jim Mackey says:

Yes I’m in agreement with your, Horst, the spicyness in this one is intense. It’s very intriguing

Mr.Mister says:

You know Horst likes a whisky when he finishes the dram.

UNC Tarheels says:

8:30 bath time in horsts mouth! Bam! As he said, hitting him in the mouth, like a bomb!

T says:

thanks for this review…please do the 18 and 25. Cheers!

Arvydas M says:

I am not experienced, but regular whisky drinker so here is my opinion: Just tried this one from 5cl bottle. The smell was really good, and gave hope for even better taste. As Bunnahabhain is from Islay I hoped for allitle bit more peat in the nose so this is just one minus about the smell from my prospective. As mentioned in the video you can’t feel any alcoholic sharpness… The sip: At first millisecond it looked good smooth and balanced, but when BOOM at the tip of the tong, after second millisecond it exploded on sides of the tongue an spreaded to cheeks. The explosion is managable, but a bit unexpectable, after explosion spiciness comes along which I am not capable to find in the smell and you come to realization that it is realy stronger than average 40percent alcohol… And lastly after you swallaw the heat of explosion in the mouth melts down and the “maltiness” and abit of sweetness takes place… Aftertaste lasts long and its realy enjoyable.

Conclusion: For me its not worth it… I hope a liltle bit more from 12years and this price range. Here in Lithuania 0,7L bottle price vary between 54eu – 63eu. Maybe the conditions or my mood there wrong or my taste is not ready for this whisky so I wil try to come back to it after few years… But at the moment you can get Laphroaig for 39eu, Big Peat, Glenfiddich, Ardberg or even Macallan cheaper and all these have better taste and give much more joy if you never tasted them before!

So if you just a beginner in whisky drinking or from time to time try to reward yourself with something more than just basic jack daniels, jim beam, red label, scotish leader my suggestion skip this because there is much more intresting discoveries! At least this is my opinion!

Very Nice says:


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