Whisky Review/Tasting: Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye

Nosing 4:01
Whisky .com reviews the Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye.

The nose:
Vanilla, rye, light oakiness, christmas cake, alcohol
The taste:
Full, rye, smooth, creamy, fruitness, oak, pepper
The finish:

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ryan land says:

Luening is my boy!

peter white says:

This did not even win Canadian Whisky of the year. Lot 40 did and it is a 100% rye and far better than this mixer for a few bucks more.

Mike Midwood says:

Where can I get a glass like yours, Horst?

The Cawdfather says:

Alberta premium is much better than this crap imo

Charles Lee Smading says:

I am an American living in Malang Indonesia and I love Canadian Crown Royal

Megawatt says:

“Something completely different”…exactly! That is why we should be celebrating it, not arguing over whether it is the best. It is interesting, affordable, and different, which is reason enough to buy it.

Also I don’t understand why people act so surprised about the 97.5 rating from Murray, considering he has been handing out 95-point ratings to Alberta Premium 5 year old for years. He clearly has a hard-on for genuine Canadian rye and this one struck the right nerve for him. And anyway if we are to take his ratings at face value, we must convince ourselves that he would rather have Alberta Premium 5 year old than Laphroaig 18 year old.

Richard Bostan says:

Let’s get something understood right now. Horst’s peculiar way of tasting whisky — swishing it around his mouth (something that I have never seen another human being do, and not even Horst’s own son does it) — gives him a very distorted picture of what this whisky tastes like. Since becoming a regular viewer of Whisky.com videos, I have had fun trying out tasting different whiskies at least once “the Horst way.” That is, swishing around my whole mouth. What I have found is that this method magnifies the intensity of any rye taste in whisky to an absolutely extraordinary degree. Even a mild rye seems to become super-powered. Using his tasting method on a heavy rye like CR’s Northern Harvest Rye, it is little wonder that Horst reacts like his skull is being blown apart from the inside.

Rebel Recluse says:

Overrated whiskey. I remember this crap going online during the strike at Crown Royal going for $500.00 a bottle. I wouldn’t pay over $20.00 for another bottle of this.

dustin kunish says:

A very alcoholic smell

neandrewthal says:

It is a good whisky but my least favourite Crown Royal. I even prefer the humble “Deluxe”

Ashley Van Oeveren says:

As always appreciate your take on these. I enjoy this one a lot myself.

vara fouroneone says:

Hmm. I love Horst but think he was a bit harsh, here. I agree it’s not necessarily the Best Whiskey of the Year, but I found it a very drinkable dram for a rye.

SoCal Dep says:

At the end of the day, it’s what you like.
I’ve done so many whiskey taste tests and I found out that I like Crown. It’s an easy drinker.

Anonymous - Nothing To See says:

Perhaps it’s a cultural feature, but I can appreciate the German tendency to avoid effusive self promotion, and the suspicion on these types of “best of” claims. Unless someone has tried literally all the whiskeys made in 2016, you cannot say “this is the best.” You can only say, “among the thousands of whiskeys I didn’t try, vs the few that I did, this whiskey is my favoured.”

Simon Shaw says:

Totally agree Horst. Rough and unbalanced were my main takeaway points also.

Mark McColl says:

I just finished a bottle myself and this is the first time I’ve called a whisky shit in a long time but yeah it was shit. I have never been more disappointed in a dram before.

Jonathan Bean says:

canada just makes shit whisky

1961Humbucker1 says:

Thanks for the great review! I was shocked to hear that this was picked as “whisky of the year”. Since it’s quite cheap here in Canada I decided to buy a few bottles when these things were flying off the shelves. I have to say that I wasn’t bowled over by this product.

IMHO the super economical Alberta Premium is a better whisky and is $10.00 cheaper here in Canada. Alberta premium is also 100% Rye and nothing else. Lot No.40 was also quite good but the price has crept up a bit lately.

So, if you want to try a decent Canadian 100% Rye whisky at a budget price, give Alberta Premium a try.

With that being said, I still much prefer a quality Scotch (different animal all together though) but boy, we are being raped over here with the rising prices on Scotch lately, ouch!!!

No Nonsense Whisky says:

Where would you recommend someone to start if they were new to Canadian whisky?

Fox Mulder says:

Horst , your facial expression says it all. It is a terrible Whisky Plain and simple. Being from Canada it shocks me that this could win whisky of the year. It’s laughable really. Time for Jim Murray to retire after picking this…….pretty sure this pick is the laughing stock and the butt of jokes around the world no doubt.

Euphorica says:

great review. thank you.i have had a few bottles myself. quite a decent offering compared to their typical offerings.

foodquig says:

Interesting… Here in Western Canada we don’t get a bag or a box with all that marketing blurb. We just get a bottle of CRNHR…
I feel like I’ve been ripped off from part the whole experience, but it still noses and tastes pretty good…

Jake Klyne says:

It’s too bad horst didn’t like this one. I have nothing but respect for his opinion, as I love his videos and use them as a guide for my own tasting but I had a very different experience with this whisky. I loved rhe spiciness of it and I found it to be very creamy, as horst said. I wouldn’t say it is the best whisky in the world but I find it to be a great change up from time to time. another great rye is Lot 40. it beat out the crown royal northern harvest for Canadian whisky of the year. I’d love to see a review of that one as well

Englebert Humperdink says:

I wonder what perks Jim Murray received for given CR the #1 spot ? last year the Japanese gave him his own personal casks along with a very swank vacation to the distillery in Japan (among other things). Bought and sold is he.

John Doe says:

Jim Murray = Zero credibility.

terskinsBBX says:

Oh no! I’m sad you didn’t like it Horst! We had very different experiences with this one…

Colin Stacey says:

Alberta Springs 10 Year Old Rye, Alberta Premium Dark Horse are both excellent affordable Canadian Rye Whiskys. Both are at least as good as this – better imho. But this is good too, especially considering it is $34/bottle.

btg73 says:

Canadians and drinkers of Canadian whisky like to drink a lot of whisky. They don’t piss around, they open the bottle and drink it. Where as scotch drinkers will sip on a bottle for month.

John Botica says:

overpriced now…$40 a bottle…complete marketing scam

spearhead3ad says:

I have tried 1 bottle of this and it really gets better when it is less then a half bottle I have found . I have 1 more bottle to sip on that I will open her around November to help keep me warm on these cold nights here in North Carolina. Great review!

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