Whisky Review/Tasting: Four Roses Single Barrel

Nosing 5:03
Whisky.com reviews the Four Roses Single Barrel.

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Javic167 says:

Servus Ben, was ist denn mit der Tonspur passiert oder ist euer Mikrofon kaputt? Es klingt sehr hohl und unrein, außerdem scheinen viele Tonlagen geschluckt zu werden.

muptagraw says:

Where can I purchase that glass?

lorenz yacoubian says:

Ben… The sound needs to come up a little, or something…

Half dead Joe says:

no offense but you seemed a little drunk in this video.

The Gentleman's Club says:

Ben you really need to read the comments, take heed, and fix the problem. This is the second video straight where your microphone audio is terrible. Find the problem and please find a solution to it. Cease to do new videos until you fix it please.

These videos are going to stay up long term I presume. You don’t want to have a whole batch of them be bad and then have to redo them all over again. Best to fix the problem right away. Cheers!

Craig Smith says:

Your video and sound are great. Thanks for the videos…

chodaczek333 says:

Ben, the MIC is teribble

Welsh Toro says:

It’s a very fine bourbon. I’ve never had a disappointing bottle. Great value.

Tom R says:

the sound and video were fine for me. Ben could you post what the four letters are on that bottle? I know some of their combinations of mash bill and yeast can give a spicy flavor.

CA.LIN says:

Are you ever going to fix the sound/video issues? Or are you going to just ignore it and keep posting?

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