Whisky Review/Tasting: Glenfiddich 18 years

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Whisky.com reviews the Glenfiddich 18 years.
Glenfiddich is the largest single malt whisky distillery that is privately owned. So if you buy a Glenfiddich that you get a truly Scottish product.

The nose:
full and rich with apples and a bit of vanilla
The taste:
sweet with a lot of softness, some oak and malt
The finish:
Smooth and very long. A bit of oak.

Glenfiddich 10 Years Solera:

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Alexander TheOriginalGreat says:

Glenfiddich 18…wow it looks elegant just by the bottle, the Johnnie walker bottles are pretty too, and look really awesome, but it seems more glamorous than elegent by just looking. I will see if I could get an 18 year as a novelty, not a drinking one, like Johnny black, but what would you recommend to me as a novelty whiskey that you drink on occassions or just not often at all and what would you recommend as a drinking one? I have liked the Johnnie walker black and I do drink jack daniels no.7 but I want to branch out and try more whiskeys

CockatooDude says:

I remember, I must have been around 12 years old, yes 12 is a good number. My grandfather had just died, and my family took an emergency 2 week trip to Hungary to visit the funeral. One late night only my father and I were awake, sitting around in the living room. I was inquiring about what whiskey tasted like, and the kind spirit (pun intended) that he was he went over the the drinks cabinet (my grandfather was a psychiatrist, and a lot of his patients send him gifts in the way of fine alcohol, but he never drank much so all this fine liquor ended up stockpiling over the years) and pulled out an unopened bottle of Glenfiddich 18 year old. We took out 2 shot glasses, he poured me some, and did so for himself as well. I knew nothing about whiskey at the time because I had never drank any, so I had to be instructed to take small sips at a time and take all the flavors in. After this period of instruction we both took a sip simultaneously, and the effect of it was so profound that I still remember the moment this vividly after 5 years. Since then I have started researching whiskeys, as I want to know more about the good and the bad, and how this wonderful drink is made.

Timothy Poole says:

Greetings from across the pond. As a new scotch drinker I tasted this whisky while watching your video. Thanks for the video, it was very informative and I appreciate it.

Have you ever done a tasting on the Whyte & Mackay Special blend?

James Campbell says:

It’s weird … I love the 15 yo. Glenfiddich (it’s one of my favourites), but I really did not like the 18 yo. The taste (for me anyway) ranged from so woody it actually felt like I was chewing on tree bark, to – believe it or not – soapy. A dish-soap type taste. 

Maybe it was the batch I had (don’t know the number, it was years ago), or maybe my tastes don’t run that way, but this was the whisky that taught me that ‘older’ doesn’t always mean ‘better’.

Henning Strandin says:

But was there cinnamon?? 😉

Lynn R. says:

Purchased a sample set (12, 15, and 18 years) from the local shop. Twelve was okay, fifteen was great, and the eighteen is outstanding. The fifteen is my everyday scotch. I save the eighteen for very special occasions.

mtadros86 says:

Putting a question out there to see what people think. If you had a choice between the Glenfiddich 18 or the Johnny Walker XR 21, which one would you go for?

Charl le Roux says:

Im new to whiskey, so I followed your advice…started with the 12yr then the 15yr and finally got to the 18yr. The later is by far my favorite followed by die 12yr.


sir can you suggest me which one to buy best the glenlivet 18 or glenfiddich 18 i am new to single malt scotch

Thomas Nunez says:

Buchannans 18 review?

Mike Francis says:

Did the cinnamon come through?

Jason Gallagher says:

any plans to taste the 12 year old glensiddich?

Myself says:

This is great stuff. Excellent review.

MixedByScience says:

I’ve purchased a bottle earlier today. Can’t wait to experience it.

King R says:

Hi Whisky.com, been watching your videos over the last few weeks! Taken some of your advice in my recent purchases. Just watching this video, you did not have an English review for the Glenfiddich 21 yrs that you mentioned briefly in this video. I noticed you had one in German however the subtitles YouTube has not been very accurate by my guess, so I haven’t been able to keep up. Here is me hoping for a Re-Review

Snakeman says:

Drinking this exact whisky as I watch this video..

A. Huang says:

I am a beginner. I started from Glenfiddich 12, and moved to Macallan 12 from sherry oak casks, and now this Glenfiddich 18. I find that this Glenfiddich 18 years is much… better than the Glenfiddich 12 years old. I would probably stay at this level for the rest of my life, only going up, never going down 🙂 Thanks for your review! Always enjoyed your opinions.

By the way, what’s your view on a lot of the bottles on the market that don’t have the years? Stay away from those?

Grawbad says:

This was the first scotch that I tasted something I later heard others describe. Apples. Man was this bottle a turning point for me. Scotch fan for life. Indeed I got a second bottle and it was the same but I could taste differences in it due to being a different batch. Love 18 year Glenfiddich.

2010gt1 says:

Anyone find this guy’s voice soothing and listen to it while falling asleep?

Y! says:

This 18yo one is SO complex and tasty that he finished the whole glass……haha, right on!
Good whisky cannot go to waste….

Abyss Saint says:

I’m getting this for my eighteenth birthday (no worries legal age is 18 over here) and i CANNOT wait

KEBEH3OP says:

Thanks a lot for your reviews! Extremely charming and detailed!

I’m quite new to whisky world and I was surprised when tasted this whisky for the first time. I didn’t really excect a whisky to be so soft and easy to take. But my next experience was macallan select oak wich is more spicy and less sweet. It is OK, but it is not i’m looking forward to taste within my next weekend or vacation.

Can you please advice something sweet and soft comparable to Glenfiddich 18 YO or better for not more than let’s say one hundred puonds?

James Campbell says:

It’s strange. I like the 12-year-old, and love the 15-year-old, but this one I really, really didn’t like. It’s possible that my inexperience at the time that I had it played a part (like maybe I didn’t let it open enough before drinking it or something), but I found it to be very thick (almost soapy) at first, devolving into a very woody, chewing-on-bark taste afterward. I finished the bottle but I really didn’t enjoy it at all.

Maybe I need to give it another try now that I’m more experienced with tasting.

Ryan Whyte says:

Amazing Scotch. Just got my hands on my first yesterday. Best I’ve had yet.

Jussi says:

Horst is the legend!

Paolo Quartarone says:

hi, I really love your videos and I wish I had the capability to detect all the aromas and flavours that you do! 😉 I really need your help. I wanted to buy something special, different without loosing a leg or an arm. Something good but also nice to expose in the cabinet. My choice was Glenmorangie Signet! In Australia (where I live) it costs little bit more than $200 but now with this video you are making me so confused! Ahahahha The Glenfiddich 18 costs $145… now, what’s your advice??? Cheaper, less flashy package but full of character? Or dearer, different and coming in an elegant package???

Dillon Crampton says:

What’s a good scotch that would go well with a Cohiba Cuban cigar

Gavin Bruce Jones says:

My favourite whiskey I’ve ever tasted, quite pricey now for a bottle but great quality and taste.

snatchorgrab says:

Excellent & informative review!
A quality single malt is great around the holidays (or just for oneself after a tough day)

After drinking the cheap stuff during my time in the military….i decided to roll the dice and follow a friend’s advice on the 18.

Haven’t looked back since…

I do enjoy your reviews its opened up a totally different world…regarding whiskey.


Justin Low says:

do you prefer this or the glenlivet 18? i’m trying to choose one!!

Richard Susessmeier says:

Is it better then glenlivet 18?

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