Whisky Review/Tasting: Glenmorangie Original 10 years

Nosing 6:13
Whisky .com reviews the Glenmorangie Original 10 years. The flagship in the range of Glenmorangie is “The Original”. This bottling is in Scotland the best-selling single malts. There are used First- and Refill Bourbon casks.

The nose:
Citrus, mint, fruits, vanilla
The taste:
Oak, spicy, nutmeg, sweet almonds, vanilla, tangerine, apples, pears, peaches
The finish:
Long with a kick of spice and sweetness

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MontyMonVieux says:

He has lost credibility with me based on his wardrobe choice. That short sleeved shirt must go.

JA M says:

at 43% here in the USA it’s a decent purchase, but I think the price is a bit inflated compared to some of the other quality, younger whiskies we have (e.g., Speyburn 10 is only a bit over $25). Glenmorangie 10 here is nearly $50 — not worth it! Considering the Lasanta and Quinta Ruban are only $10 more, they’re worth the extra bit.

Simon Hobden says:

This guy is one of my top 5 human beings in the world!

5. Horst Luening
4. Ian Wright
3. Samuel L Jackson
2. Morgan Freeman
1. David Attenborough

Robert Kennedy says:

This guy is hysterical. Worth watching

Christopher Varnava says:

i have been watching , and listening to your reviews for at least one year , and find you like every bottle , so you must be a distiller worker ,and not a true reviewer , SHAME ON YOU !!!!

doug bulldog says:

great malt whisky

FoxHound says:

I wasn’t overly impressed with my last bottle of this, it had too much of a gnarly taste in it. I’m almost certain i got a bad bottle.

Smee2000 says:

Really disappointed with my bottle, its got some character but is very watered down, almost like a strong wine. It’s going to the back of the cabinet for guests I don’t like very much.

Talorc MacAllan says:

Ah my fave the water flowith Gleann Mhòraistidh……. the date today is ? anyway i stay not overlay far from it, like i need an excuse to sample ;0) the barrels ? its the same fault line from Scotland , we used to be joined at the hip many many many years ago

Uberwrensch says:

Can anyone identify/name the glass Horst uses in this video?

Srt8 Creations says:

Is he using it as mouth wash

Grapesodapopinski says:

Speyburn 10 beats this out in my opinion for 10 bucks less.

Kevin W says:

Just had a good “sip” of my own. Smooth and no bitterness. Scent of vanilla and citrus. “Cheers.”

dylan thomas says:

Worst single malt I have ever tried. It tastes watery.

Jacob Rivera says:

Glenmorangie is my favorite single malt and I also appreciate the videos. Perhaps when put the scotch in your mouth you could remove the microphone that would make the quality better

UNC Tarheels says:

Horst, or anyone else. Is it possible (I know this would never happen, it’s just a theoretical question) but can scotch distilleries add any artificial coloring to their scotch? Like, if they wanted blue scotch, to commemorate Scotland or something, could they make that legally? Or can it only be e150a? And can you explain if distilleries that use the same exact barrels let’s say, and exact ingredients, is it just barometric pressure and weather that make them different colors?

Hector S Garcia M says:

Jumping today from Talisker Storm to this. Let’s see how it compares. Thanks for the video

Al Paterson says:

Horst thank you for a very honest review of Scotland’s most purchased Whisky .. there are countless Brands that have their own definable trademarks … but the Glenmorangie 10 in my humble opinion is the flagship for the velvet smoothness in the single malt category .. after all we Scots invented our own brand of Whisky after the Irish style … and for those with smaller pockets .. well there is always the Famous Grouse! … thank you again Horst and Prost!:-)

Mark Duong says:

My favorite part is when he said “blah blah blah…here we go”…Ol’ Horst was ready for that dram.

WikiPeoples says:

interesting that he says no vanilla… i get lots of vanilla…

Shane54528 says:

Why add colour to a single malt?

Blue Bird says:

I love the noises while tasting!

Andy Carr says:

not sure I have tried original. but my favourite Glenmorangie is the Lastana.

Verge Hodler says:

Everytime i see horst i think of the movie “hostel”.

Hahahaha says:

Is the microphone in his mouth?

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