Whisky Review/Tasting: Glenmorangie The Astar 2017 Release

Nosing: 5:48
Whisky.com reviews the Glenmorangie The Astar 2017 Release.

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Jimothy says:

Glenmorangie takes me to the wavy coast of Scotland where it’s raining and the mackerel are mating

Borislav Ognyanov says:

Try cardhu 12 year

Travis Souders says:

I believe the casks are actually used by Jack Daniels then sent back to Glenmorangie

borismorrison says:

6:43 the vanilla…LoL

David says:

I once drank far too much glenmorangie with a friend from work at a hotel, it is such a smooth drink that goes down so easily, was completely floating around couldnt feel my body, had to be ‘delivered’ to my hotel room, woke the next morning felt good! had a good full english breakfast and I was ready to go!!!

BakiSmaki27 says:

That’s a sexy bottle

Chao Zhi says:

Great review Horst. Anyone knows what whisky glass is this? want one so bad..

Wass Obeid says:

Hello Horst. Greetings from Canada. I have been educating myself about whisky and whiskey and bourbon and rye for over a year. Your and another couple of specialized channels were of a great help for me to develop my knowledge and own taste. I know know now that I am a scotch drinker. I am a low budget person so I buy blends. My favorite is Grant’s. Please I have a question for you:

I had Ballantine and Jameson bottles as gifts. When I tasted them I found that they give an obvious bitterness finish which I don’t like. Can you please tell me if there is a production or aging reason for that bitterness in them?

Thank you in advance. Great channel.

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