Whisky Review/Tasting: Highland Park 12 Years

Nosing 2:35
Whisky.com reviews the Highland Park 12 Years.

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BakiSmaki27 says:

You know it’s good when Horst does that little laugh after he sips. If he stays serious, it’s not good lol.

Phil McCain says:

Yes! Again!

Seekeroftruth says:

The best all around malt for me. Excellent value.

Rabbit in Red says:

I have a bottle of both and have heard some claim the new version has eroded slightly in quality. While I’m eager to test them head-to-head, I also may just sit on the old one for a few years.

Francis Ducharme says:

Love the new bottle, really nice design. Plus, the price dropped 10$ around here so can’t say I’m unhappy about all of this 🙂 And our bottling is 43% too

Jordan Ashe says:

Wow Ben grew a beard lol. Nice to see you guys and love your videos!

Raster says:

Great review. Thank you!

I’ve sampled probably 80 Single Malts over the past few years, and this Highland Park 12 year old is my favorite relatively inexpensive Scotch. Anyone who knows me can go ahead and call me a “Highland Park Ho.” I’m a Highland Park Ho.


jcarno64 says:

I can’t believe a Miller Beer Commercial precedes such a classy presentation.SMH

Pradeep Rajkumar says:

Ben looks like a VIKING of whisky.com

Lorem Ipsum says:

Great video! Static vs dynamic friction mr aerospace engineer.

Shawn JDM says:

I have only had the newer bottle. It’s 43% on the other side of the pond. I enjoy it, very good.

cato says:

My favorite of all the 12 YO expressions

erichwtm says:

My bottle of Glenrothes Select Reserve which I bought in 2017 already has a screwed cork so it is not a new development! But again, a great video!

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