Whisky Review/Tasting: J&B Rare

Nosing 3:22
Whisky .com reviews the J&B Rare. One of the best-selling blended whiskys in the world. More than 72 million bottles Justerini & Brook are sold per year.

The nose:
Smoke, sweet, spicy, fruity, vanilla, hint of spiciness
The taste:
Sweet, grain whisky, no bitterness, light
The finish:

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Jean Paul Formosa says:

I have some J&B bottles which have been sitting there 15-20 years, I opened one recently and found it to be quite similar to what you described but with some bitterness in the aftertaste. However I remember tasting some J&B from a new bottle not so long ago and I found it to be sweeter with no bitterness. I think this one has improved over the years.

Mark Olde Heuvel says:

My favourite blend, it always taste good.

samva777 says:

Its a great review J&B for the money is under priced , you are getting more than you pay for.

FoxHound says:

Oh wow suddenly Horst is drinking the cheap shit = (
Is he broke from Christmas and this is all he can afford? lol

Nick Plourde says:

hello Horst,

I like that you are doing tastings of “budget whisky” there is a bottle I picked up called “Islay Mist” and it’s obviously a blend of all islay whisky. I really enjoyed it a lot considering the price at $30 canadian. I would love if you did a tasting with this to get your feedback. that is only if you can find that bottle where you are located. anyways always enjoy your videos, big fan over here in toronto canada!


Alex Ks says:

Let me disagre with Horst. H&B blend is 2 times better, than J&B.
J&B is typical blend with young, harsh nose spirits. Furthermore, H&B smells and tastes more mature and complex. And for the same price, i think, it’s the real deal. Sure, J&B has it’s cult status because of front label, which was shown in tons of movies (like Black & White whiseky too). But’s it’s fact has no influence on taste.

Land O Calrissian says:

I picked up a 750 ml bottle in Mexico for $14 dollars pretty good

Count Dracula says:

It’s pretty good scotch for what you pay for. I take J&B any day over Red Label, Dewars and even Black Label, there is good reason why it is still popular. A lot of people don’t want to pay over-inflated price for average single malt because it’s all the fashion.I bet most of you would not know the difference between J&B and some of your prized single malts if you were to blind taste.

cato says:

Oh Horst you disappoint. J&B is garbage whisky. Life is too short to drink that swill.

Ben D says:

I LOVE that he does all kinds of whiskey, including the cheap stuff. It’s awesome to hear such an experienced palate get into some of the nitty gritty..

inkey2 says:

Like they say…..”there is no accounting for taste”…..if you like it…drink it

President Trump says:

The official beverage of Giallo films.

Musicmann1022 says:

My uncles would drink J&B most nights on vacation at the beach. They all liked it.

Michigan Edge says:

J&B’s to me taste like it was filtered through a dirty sock! for a cheap blended Scotch I really like Lauder’s blended Scotch. half the price and great after taste!

Land O Calrissian says:

I picked up a 750 ml bottle in Mexico for $14 dollars pretty good

Karl Wood says:

J&B is garbage whisky its rare because nobody who knows a Whisky would drink it, tourist water lol

Dwight K. Schrute says:

I love drinking this on scientific expeditions in Antarctica.

Delaware Destroyer says:

He should have tasted it straight from the bottle still in a brown paper bag.

Bhamski Bam says:

I recently acquired a bottle of j&b rare from my grandfather. He says it’s from the 80s, never opened, it has an ATF paper seal (still in tact). But after reading the bottle over a few times, I cant find a true date. I was curious of how I can get a date. ATF tag says NY-1-491. Any help would be appreciated

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