Whisky Review/Tasting: Johnnie Walker Black Label 12 years old

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Whisky.com reviews the Johnnie Walker Black Label 12 years old. The Black Label has one big advantage: “It is 12 years old” This is not typical for a blended whisky.

The nose:
light peat smoke, fruitiness and a lot vanilla
The taste:
quite intense but smooth and a light bitterness
The finish:
oakiness and light bitterness

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RobGordon35 says:

Loving the reviews, keep them coming.

thejoshuachacon says:

just tried JWBL for the first time tonight. as far as I am concerned for a 12 year old blended scotch, I was pleasantly surprised.  just the right amount of fruitiness and smoke/oak/vanilla. finish was pleasant and no harsh remnants (at least for my taste). it does have an “oak” flavor with a slight smoke that last for proper amount of time.

jordanaug81 says:

Kind of a boring & more expensive blended scotch, but does just fine all the same.

Simon T says:

the history lessons are the best part of your vids. thanks heaps.

mikethered123 says:

Can I make a request here?  I’d like to see Pig’s Nose and/or Sheep Dip tasted by you.  I know you are not a fan of blended whisky, but I hear they are fine and smooth, and they are difficult to find in America.

Angelo Bomo says:

my favourite JW 🙂

Yourself says:

I started rinsing with scotch instead of listerine after watching these videos.

Whitts says:

what’s the difference between the black and red

clearevil says:

Someone once convinced me not to buy it because it didn’t have a cork.

john rickard says:

JW green label is the only one out of the lot i would bother with. incl the blue which is nice but not as interesting as green

Gaurav Thapar says:

I think he doesn’t like this whiskey

Arshman Hassan says:

Does it have an after burn?

Aneesh Bhatia says:

Thanks for the review, i love the details you provide…cheers!

Dirk Kirby says:

Recently adored (and drank much of) a bottle of this. Finding a fresh bottle both harsh and with a long sourness. Perhaps it’s just my preference to highland whiskeys, but I am getting too much of a firm alcohol taste – even after letting it breathe for 20 minutes. As always – money better spent on Highland Park.

forestsandman says:

Just tried this, thanks for the tasting notes. For me I got a lot of smoke on this one.

DeviantDespot says:

Walker black is definitely my favorite with perrier as the vessel in which to drink.

evhvariac2 says:

Excellent review! How would you describe the main differences between the JW Black and the Green? We are relatively new to Whisky tasting and are trying to notice the differences. We have both. Thank you!

SungJoon Bae says:

What glass are you using for tasting??

Gavin Swick says:

If you ever find a bottle of the Green Label somewhere, I think you would be surprised with its quality. Unfortunately they discontinued it just last year I believe.

Preserving The existence says:

I like mixing this shit with Mountain dew !

Professor Plowmeister says:

This mans voice haunts my dreams.

Good review though. Also is there a microphone in your mouth? Swishing is INTENSE!

HybridEnergy says:

Best mid shelf blended scotch.

reptilianskin says:

I love JWBL. It is always stocked in my home. It is my go to blended scotch. It’s very pleasant and rewarding.

wozzlepop says:

Just bought a bottle of this for the first time in 10 years or so. I have to say the 12 year old black label is MUCH better than it used to be. It has a far more consistent and well rounded profile now. Not just a whiff of plums. Very much enjoyed this and thanks to Amazon Prime it arrived 24 hrs after being ordered for £20. Very good value and at that price I prefer it to bourbon.

ZYC says:

The 12 year old Black Label is definitely the best bang for your buck complex blend. Reasonably priced for what it is.

Anubhav Maini says:

Hi, i really like your reviews and the entrepreneurial spirit with whiskey tasting( pun intended); moreover, the promotion on social media is a great initiative! I wanted some advice, I am a big fan of the taste of black label the smokey/woody flavor is something i love in a whiskey. I wanted your recommendations for whiskeys having similar taste and/or smoothness. I am still young so affording an exorbitantly priced whiskey would be tough. But I would love your suggestions. Thanks!

ink ink says:

The sound you make with your lips sounds disgusting.

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