Whisky Review/Tasting: Johnnie Walker Blue Label

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Whisky .com reviews the Johnnie Walker Blue Label. The name comes from the blue colour of the bottle. It belongs to the top blends and can compete with any single malt.

The nose:
Smoky, sherry, dark fruits, oakiness, seaweed
The taste:
Spicy, smoky, oakiness, seaweed
The finish:


ZYC says:

Horst…I am very glad to be able to share a glass of this fine whisky with you. Just picked up this blue label today. It’s blended flavour is like a party in my mouth. I enjoyed tasting and drinking this with you. I only opened it when you did. Thank you for your channel. The absolute BEST on YouTube. I’m a subscriber forever. All the best.

Di Sandro Rdz says:

He is the Bob Ross of Whisky.

Bharath Murali says:

boring vid!

Mr. Weirdo says:

I had this and it tasted bad!!!!!!!!!!! like rubbing alcohol I gave the rest of my 300 dollar bottle away

GuidoAnchovy B says:

I bet this guy beats his wife after finishing one of those bottles

Richard Driskill says:

Good video.

At 10:50 in the video, you said: “The first second in your mouth, it’s too weak.” That’s called “silk”, which denotes a great absence of other ‘-anols’ (methanols, etc.), and a purer ethanol content. Raising the ABV by 3% will likely not notably impact that in this case, …but, I do prefer the older whiskey (whisky) standard of 86 Proof. Just that slightly harder bite keeps the ladies and kids away from it, and also gives it a “Behold Sir, I am here!” impact we men adore, as we know how to savor it.

A standard bottle (750 ml), no Special Editions or Limited Editions, cost $215.99 (including tax) where I live. I heard from someone who said they bought TWO bottles for a total of $220 USD in Mexico and brought them home. Lucky SOB.

BTW, I have a …HUGE… collection of all things JW; including a bottle of King George V, several gallons worth of Blue (most SE and LE), and even 4.5 liter bottles of Red and Black in tipping cradles, along with all sorts of glorifiers, banners, tins, and trinkets. …Which brings me to the question: Where did you get the JW Blue mirror? I want one.

I bet you would appreciate the bottle of single malt “The Glenlivet – Cellar Collection / 40 YO (from 1973)” I have ($1,950.60 USD), but even better is a Louis XIII cognac 750 ml bottle I have at $3,132.33 USD (along with its miniature 50 ml size, at an even stupider, almost criminal, price of $648.00 USD), not to mention all the ‘trappings’ I bought along with it (three $1,000 Louis XIII flutes, menu booklets, etc.). Anyway, it sounds like I’m bragging, but I really love collecting spirits, the beautiful bottles they come in, and tasting the magic elixirs inside. My guests are always amazed and really enjoy themselves.

Final question: Where did you get the cask from (from the sliver I can see, looks like a BBB or ASB?), and how much did you pay for it?

Matthew David HUdson says:

I picked up the duty free litre bottle at the airport,in uk for 180 pounds expensive but good whisy

Seanus32 says:

I got it for a VG price in Japan. I can’t remember exactly how much but much cheaper than the figures he was bandying about.

Herr Schnupke says:

Horst is speaking great german english 🙂 Laugh my ass off.

CARBiNOX says:

I fucking love this guy…

Kevin Mael says:

I could make up my own mind if I like something, I don’t need someone else to tell me if the whisky is good or not.

Radio Laboratory says:

Compassbox puts % of every whisky in some of His blends.

henny schuitert says:


RED says:

Blue label is mostly grain Whisky…..Green is awesome all made from Single malts “Vatted” and Gold is more refined as well in my opinion, save your money as the two I speak of are being discontinued!!! Save your money, buy those or the upcoming Platinum….or pick up a Highland Park 18 or Ardbeg Corryvreckan even a Caol Ila…..all better for less $$$

Nephilim1066 says:

Great video , dads birthday present decided.

Charlie Warlie says:

I hope one day I get to enjoy whisky like you. For now everything tastes like liquid needles. Even ardberg…:(

lee padilla says:

I’ve had a bottle of blue before . I was already pretty drunk but needed more alcohol and drank the whole bottle I didn’t even enjoy it . I was literally just slamming it down .

Dave Dunne says:

when i see and hear you i think of the movie “hostel”. im sure some will understand what i mean.

Bill Beard says:


TheKalikalam says:

Your narration sir, is better than Morgan freeman

fishfuxors says:

…. and just in the background but asserting its presence is the lovely aroma of F&D Yellow #4

schwarzblatt says:

A quite good, but overpriced whisky. I must say, Johnnie Walker’s blenders know how to craft a great nose for their blended whiskies.

David V says:

This guy has the best job in the world, and he clearly knows it.

سيدك و نياك سيدك ونياك امك و اهلاتك says:

gesundheit .

Charlie Aydin says:

Hi Horst,

Why do you never add water? Even the best distilleries urge us to add some water to wake the flavours back up. Do you not agree with this?

Love your reviews by the way 🙂

Dbaby Crazy says:

Finally got a bottle of the blue, which was just alright. Had a bottle of Balvenie 17 at the same time and both my friend and I thought it was better. I also think that the platinum is better.

Billy Baxter says:

Johnnie Walker Blue is a better investment than a prostitute.

Rick Prins says:

Thanks for this Review.
I was interested in getting a bottle for myself but I’ll never buy caramel coloured spirits.

counterclockwise123 says:

He always says that blue label is only 40% abv, but it isn’t it’s 43%

Barry Lab says:

You truly know your whiskey’s….I learn a lot from your videos. Do you have any videos on Bourbon? Thx a million!

BloodySawBlade says:

Here in the United States, Johnnie Walker Blue Label is sold for $120 per bottle at Costco. Costco is a wholesale grocery store that requires a membership in order to shop inside.

Eelke says:

If you had to choose, would you buy blue label or the new green label 15yo?


Take a cruise on a Carnival ship. It can be bought much cheaper.

John Smith says:

tried Blue Label for the first time last night. It was truly memorable.

J Beezy says:

9:22 wtfffffff hahahahahahahhaha

Mike Crane says:

I seriously can not get past the smacking, swallowing and general mouth sounds.. do you have a microphone inside your mouth or something? sorry but damn…

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