Whisky Review/Tasting: Johnnie Walker King George V

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Whisky .com tastes the Johnnie Walker King George V. This Blend was prepared in the same way as was usual under the reign of King George V. Included are only whiskys from distilleries which were already active at the time. One of the whiskys comes from Port Ellen.

The nose:
Light bonfire smoke, vanilla, fresh fruits, oak
The taste:
Oranges, oak, sandalwood, Cyprus, caramel
The finish:
Long with light smoke

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George ogbeide says:

What brand is your whisky tasting glass?

MM Dizzle says:

As you always say, expensive doesn’t mean better.  But sometimes drinking a bottle of something rare or expensive and saving it for those “special occasions” just feels good.  This is one of the reasons why I watch your reviews.  So I have an idea of which special occasion bottle to spend my money on without being disappointed.  Great video.

Valentin Harbinger says:

I wonder why no one actually invests in research to synthesize whiskey that is as flavorful as these “naturally” made ones.

UNC Tarheels says:

You said you knew why they didn’t put an age on the bottle, but you never said why?

PHILIP Clifford says:

have u ever tried Oban single malt?

marylou morales says:


Kağan Rüstem says:

I wanted to watch a video reviewing the whisky, not a 10 minute history lesson!!!!

Gringo says:

Damm this guy’s quick analysis and overachiving sense of smell of the fruits and molecules infused in the drink just astound me

Curtis Mcqueen says:

its whiskey not mouthwash. play lawn bowls mate your probably better at it.

John W. Karr III says:

there is a bottle of this at a liquor store in nebraska, usa selling for $559

WE.R VENOM says:

I purchased a case at a fairly deep discount. I read up on the reviews however that did reflect on whether I would be buying but wanted to see what the word was. I am VERY disappointed. I see and taste nothing special about this item. Its is not at all smooth, and right from the very first sip it has a very spicy, fair amount of smoky leather, and quite briny taste. No real chewy mouth feel. and is NOT better than the JW Blue. Fruit minor at best but I dont really taste it. Vanilla no. Spicy oaky wood yes. You can tell its not that old by the power of the Scotch` harshness. There is just nothing special about this over priced bottle….Sorry.

Charles Maunder says:

It would have been interesting to here a side by side comparison with the Blue Label.

Milla K says:

Brilliant video, sir! As always.
Thank you for sharing your thoughts.
Cheers from Brazil.

PointyTailofSatan says:

Does whiskey ever just taste like whiskey?

Vic T says:

Class, simply class all the way. Love your channel. Smooth like a Dean Martin tune. God bless.

werner lackner says:

just prestige

Nokomisclub says:

Seems crazy to put artificial color in a $300+ whiskey!

Jeff Chang says:

You are the best

Xegamuz says:


john langstaff says:

George V was not the last Emperor of India.

killerdemo says:

try out the johnnie walker anniversary

Manny Alcivar says:

one day i will try this one.

Dewaldt Fourie says:

It wants it wants

GaborBartal says:

You must have been told before, but you sound like *Christoph Waltz* 🙂 amazing

FultonLMiller says:

Love your channel. I’ve just discovered it today, but I’ve always enjoyed whiskey, and you’re giving me some really great insight into what one should look for in a quality whiskey.

Xegamuz says:

Whisky Johnnie Walker Odyssey 750 ml

cato says:

Too expensive. Poor value.

Richard Driskill says:

Good video. Great back story about the King.
I have a bottle (750 ml). Here in Texas it cost me $541.25 USD (including tax).
The only thing I take umbrage to is you did it in a yellow and blue striped polo shirt while sitting in a fully-pinned leather club chair.
Where did you get the King George V mirror? I want one.

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