Whisky Review/Tasting: Lagavulin 16 years

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Whisky.com reviews the Lagavulin 16 years.

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Jeffrey Daniels says:

First scotch I bought was the macallan 12 and then this lagavulin 16. Love them both, any suggestions on what to buy next? Very new to scotch still

Welsh Toro says:

Been a couple of years since I had the Lagavulin 16. I’ve got the 8 year and had all the 12 year old’s over the past few years. Like Horst, I bought the 20cl bottle of 16 a couple of days ago just to remind myself. So many smokey whiskys these days you can take it for granted.

Ryan Pollard says:

You’ve messed up the title card.

yoshibroki says:

Waiting for this review for such a long time!

Tony Ho says:

Good review old boys

Koreldy says:

I have to admit Lagavulin 16 was once upon a time my favorite whisky, so when I eagerly purchased a bottle about 2 years ago anticipating those spicy layered flavors I’ve come to love, and much to my dismay I found incredibly little depth! Although the smokey intensity is still there, it does appear to be a different flatter whisky to me. I will give it another shot and try a newer bottle however, as given its history of consistency it deserves a second chance!

remco bakker says:

Really like your videos! But you should compare whiskys with other whiskys! And you should also recommend other similar whiskys in case a viewer likes the whisky that you taste the video. I would love to see that!

Christopher Molloy says:

I couldn’t help but notice the Tullibardine The Murray on the shelf; will we see an English review of that soon?

Akeem Dream says:

why hasn’t Ben’s old bottle turned bad? I had a bottle with a bit more than his in it that went bad after 3 years, and I had it stored in a dark cabinet at room temp.

Jim Taylor says:

For anyone wanting to get this in the UK, it has been available at Costco in the UK for £40/bottle for ages now.. about as cheap as you’re likely to find it!

Mark Cousens says:

Nice review of a very nice whisky.

Jeff McCoy says:

Would be great to see you review the Lagavulin 16 White Horse distillery bottling. Any chance of this happening?

salmon19 says:

Thanks for a wonderful re-review to dispel the myths about the change in intensity and flavor. I’m grateful to both you and Ben! I’m going to the Mackmyra distillery next week in Gavle.

Sam Cox says:

great review!

Communist Doggo says:

Ron Swanson would be proud.

Humberto Rivera says:

Great review, as usual. Good point comparing the two bottles from different times.

Half dead Joe says:

this whisky is a gem.

0Erhyte0 says:

This is the whisky that made me love drinking whisky. A classical choice, you can’t go wrong.

cato says:

Beautiful Islay expression. One of my all time favorites. I have one sealed bottle left from the 1980s. Gonna open on a special birthday.

M P says:

How is it possible to keep a bottle of whisky for 8 years!?

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