Whisky Review/Tasting: Laphroaig Lore

Nosing 4:24
Whisky .com reviews the Laphroaig Lore. Lore is the transmission of knowledge and traditions. Around 1800 laid the Brothers Johnston the foundation for the recipe of Lore.

The nose:
Smoke, phenolic aroma, sea aroma, hint of alcohol, ash, sweet note, vanilla, caramel
The taste:
Spicy, chilli, sweet, dry, maritime note, ash, fire
The finish:

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T says:

it is a NAS; therefore, I don’t know what I am paying for. It is smoke and mirrors whisky. It is a scam. The only whisky that has the respect of my hard earned money is whisky with age statements, non chill filtered, and natural colour. Take care. bye bye.

ungratefulmetalpansy says:

Lore was also Data’s twin.

HybridEnergy says:

Seems young

Not So Secret Speakeasy says:

I wasn’t Togo out buy one now !

FoxHound says:

Just picked up a bottle of this for new years eve haven’t opened it yet. its summer time here in Australia i’m going to wait until winter to open this one. can’t wait to try it. good review as always Horst

llamawizard says:

“full, and really Laphroaig”. That one line said it all.

Jussi says:

Thank you Horst! Really enjoy watching these reviews! Best in Youtube! Thank you and sláinte!

bleebloe says:

youre the best Horst

Will Murray says:

if the spit in your mouth could make more noise, that’d be great.

Danevv says:

Lore as in folklore. Horst, it’s “reminds me”, not “remembers me” 🙂 Sorry for the lecture, I do not mean to be patronizing, simply pointing that one out. Being a teacher in English has warped my psyche a bit. As far as the particular expression, I smell a contemporary marketing going berserk. Basically, the next Triple Wood, no matter what they say. Yet, twice the price…

naturalfinish says:

My sense on NAS is cask availablity at distilleries, I.e. macallan is a prime offender, they are low on 12, so now they put out Amber and Gold, etc…..HOWEVER, note that not all NAS expressions are “cheap”, while their Laphroiag Lore may contain <10 year whisky, for the price and reviewed complexity, it could also have 20 plus year whisky, you just don't know, I don't like it either

Wade Hartley says:

Horst is proof you don’t need to be an alcoholic to enjoy whisky.

neville grech says:

how much does this usually cost?

EpicUnderscoreStudio says:

Wow, this whisky! I just picked up a miniature set (as I’m new to whisky) and this laphroaig lore was among them. The palette for me is very medicinal, but the aftertaste is smokiness and wet wood, as though I’ve just finished smoking a cigarette. Surprisingly though the alcohol isn’t overpowering even at 48%, as the flavours are so pronounced. A very challenging whisky for the beginner but wow is it worth trying for the experience!

Erick Hines says:

This scotch is the first I’ve ever tasted and then immediately thought of mezcal.

CandyHam says:

i really hate your microphone, man. Prevents me from watching your videos.

Jared Adam says:

I could buy 3 bottles of 10yo to one Lore. But I must buy every version of Laphroaig, magic!

Andrew Cuff says:

I think it is partly the fault of the Scotch Whisky assoc that NAS Whiskies are becoming more prevalent. If the companies were allowed to be more transparent (like Compass Box was trying to be), then you might be able to compare Whiskies more readily. Like somebody already said, if they had to put an age statement on this, it would be 7 yrs…but if they could list all the ages and percentages in it ( apparently there is 21yr old in it ), it would be easier for consumers to decide what they want to buy…but, why would you pay more for a 7yr old than a 10? It might only be 5% Whisky which is less than 10 years old…but they still have to call it 7.

Raster says:

My first thought was that Laphroaig is using the No Age Statement trend for all the normal reasons and this could be considered more of a marketing concept, but based upon the original taste that as you show is enjoyable and unique, they seem to have created a success, a worthwhile addition to their product line.

I think it’s noteworthy that as you were obviously enjoying this Dram, from my point of view you seemed intent on finishing this Dram on camera, not just with two tastes, but emptying the glass with some gusto. This to me seems like high praise, an indication of a very enjoyable Scotch Whisky.

Thanks for this review.


It’s good shit !

smartdave599 says:

Enjoyed a splash this weekend. Continued to sniff the glass after it was empty.

Mark Price says:

Horst, love your videos/reviews. I am new to single malts and the Laphroig10 was one of my first purchases. Love it.

Sandesh Piya says:

Im buying a bottle tomorrow.

koeliejoelie2 says:

Non chill filtered. Do they all so state on the label natural color???

Shane54528 says:

How can anyone trust that different batches of NAS whisky will remain consistent? The first batch of this had 21 YO whisky in it. Will this continue?

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