Whisky Review/Tasting: Macallan 18 years Sherry Cask

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Whisky .com reviews the Macallan 18 years. This is the Rolls Royce of the Scottish whiskies. The Macallan was so popular that it was oversold a lot. This lead to higher prices and more no age whiskies.

The nose:
Full, intense, some ginger, a lot of vanilla, cinnamon, citrus, dried dark fruit in the back
The taste:
Full impact, a little bitterness, a lot of oak, leather, a little caramel, cloves, oranges,
The finish:
Long and intense

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bill5074 says:

I am just getting into the world of fine whiskey and I am enjoying it immensely. I have been watching a lot of reviews and have just purchased a bottle of Macallan 18 Sherry Oak and a bottle of 18 Glenlivet. I am enjoying them tremendously !!!!!!! Thanks for the excellent review, looking forward to my adventures in the world of fine whiskey .

Atif Aziz says:

lucky man.

Jack Ainsworth says:

Old leather, armchair…..no no that is China…..:) priceless

Kevin Cummings says:

Just had a question. I was led
To believe that a scotch had better flavor when made with a used barrel, however I believe you made the point that a barrel used for 5 or so seasons actually lost it’s aroma. I was wondering if you could clarify this for me.

Enrico Bottura says:

Great review, amazing scotch.

Mefias Boom says:

What is a good starter whiskey? I want to start drinking whiskey. I would like a smooth whiskey could you recommend me a good one.

badkid73 says:

Really the standard-bearer of sherried whiskies but on the decline. It’s clear that their cask selection has changed in the past few years. Recent Macallan 18 bottlings (1996, 1997 vintage) are a pale brown color. The 1993, 1994 vintages from a few years ago are intense deep red. It’s clear Macallan is using a higher percentage of second fill sherry casks. The same applies for the Macallan 12. Just look at the color change.

Jeremy H says:

They have the 18 in the USA for $200 USD. Not sure what year the vintage is. The image on the site is 1994, but its probably 1997 most likely.

Sheena Shah says:

I dont drink. James bond brought me here. After watching this video, i truly believe what you did was art. The tasting , identifying the various flavours..
Made me think of old world goodness. I may not be able to go to these depths as far as spirits are concerned but i’m subscribing because you enjoyed it and it radiated off the screen! Ah

Reyhan Riza says:

Great Review, MACALLAN LOVERS here

Robert Miranda says:

I recently had this Macallan 18 year old and it truly is the best!

socalfoodie_ Adventurer says:

I love the 12 would I like the 15 year fine oak, 17 year fine oak and the 18 sherry?

Jeffrey Daniels says:

it sounds so fake when hes swishing it lol

entityofme says:

Some people will state that for the price, while the Macallan 18 is outstanding whiskey, that there are others out there that cost much less and are just as luxuriously tasting. In my opinion I would have to disagree. I have had many other distilery variants between 16-21 years of age and maturation from sherry casks and although they were excellent scotch whiskies and enjoyable in their own right, the Macallan 18 is just in another tier of balanced complexity from the others.

Tero Uusimaa says:

I enjoyed this video. It made me thirsty…

Xiaoying Shi says:
Isaac Hatton says:

As odd as it might sound, this was actually my first single malt from almost 20 years ago. It simultaneously opened my eyes and ruined me to other single malts from that point forward. It is the bar to which I hold all other whiskeys to, and for all this time, remains my favorite expression of what a single malt can and should be. A true masterpiece in all respects.

Kenny Hill says:

You should be the most interesting man in the world.

mikethered123 says:

My absolute favorite.  Well, the 12, anyway.

John Harrell says:

One could never actually say enough to entirely express how good this whisky really is. I am not wealthy, but decided to buy myself a bottle in 2012 as a Christmas gift for myself. I had never before tasted a whisky that had compared to The Macallan 18, and I have yet to taste one that I prefer.

Rickard Eriksson says:

anyone knows how much the 12 year sherry cask is worth now days?

Triplecap says:

In the mid 90s, I bought the 18 for $60. I should have bought a hundred.

Reid Smith says:

Shoot the shit take the shot

se4821 says:

What is a dram.

Jonathan Kwan says:

How rare it is to find a bottle of Macallen 18? Would you say that is more rare than Blue Label?

wozzlepop says:

I wonder what happens to all these bottles after he’s opened them! I’d like to offer my services in recycling them. I won’t even charge you a fee! 😉

Krzysztof Kołodziejak says:

Macallan 18, reportedly one of the best in the world, is that true?

Graham Laird says:

Interesting and informative.

Mike Cronis says:

Macallan 18 is my favorite, though the tasters deviated over the years from 1987 to 1997 by a bit.  There’s a significant difference over 10 years!

Steven Cryar says:

Ron White used to drink a fifth of this at least 5 or 6 days a week. Insane

Benjamin Anderson says:

Does the 1995 vintage compare well to this one or is 1994 much better?

Ron Szlaifer says:

Best Review of the Mac 18 Sherry Oak I’ve ever seen.  Well Done Horst!!   I have added this review to my Macallan Collectors Group on Facebook for all to enjoy

forrest42 says:

Was just given a bottle from a friend. Knew nothing about how it until now. Great review. It’s New Years Eve, I will have to ring in 2018 with a glass of Macallan 18 =)

Peat Lova says:

Definitely the best Scotch whisky out there. I have been comparing with another Macallan 18yo that was distilled in 1994 and this one that was distilled in 1996, the color is much lighter. The 1994 is much more darker and intense.

iLuvsPie says:

As always Horst, your reviews are a pleasure to watch. Thank you for being unpretentious, honest, and for considering the viewpoint of the average consumer. And don’t worry when you take time to search for the right words. It adds character to your reviews and makes it much more engaging/human. 

Israel Nisser says:

How much money should be a 18 year 1985

EvoPorsche700 says:

Another fantastic review. I have discovered many great drams from Horst’s tastings including a few real bargains. Thank you

James Martin says:

so….is it better with coke or ginger ale?

kri1612box50cal says:

Could you review the Macallan fine oak as well? Both 12 and 18 years.

Jacob Palmer says:

looks like this guy is wearing a rolex submariner 16610. good taste. nice watch

Thiago Ximendes says:

Saudações do Brasil, excelente canal, devido o preço ser exorbitante para nós Brasileiros, apenas por encomenda se adquiri esse belíssimo whisky.

Anibal Raposo says:

Love your reviews and look forward to them

maytagvapor says:

sounds very good my friend

RedGhost1990 says:

I Got a Bottle of Macallan 18 1994 as a gift from my brother, but i havn’t had mush whiskey and i wat to get used to drinking whiskey before i open my bottle, any ideas on what whiskey i should start with?

William Grand says:

LMFAO!!!!!!!! the mouth noises

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