Whisky Review/Tasting: Mackmyra Motörhead

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Whisky .com reviews the Mackmyra Motörhead. This bottling is in honor of the 40th anniversary of band Motörhead.

The nose:
Fruity, soft dark fruitiness, sherry, vanilla, caramel, spicy
The taste:
Cask, sherry, citrus, dried fruits, aniseed
The finish:
Medium with fruits and spices

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Sean Bell says:

This awesome ! a Metal and whiskey!

Thillonoz says:

As a sidenote, the price in Swedish kronor is 666, which I think is the reason why it’s 70 euros 🙂

Krapula Genkula says:

“Angangang.. Bang!”.. Thank you Horst. You are the the best.

FuguKing says:

Motörhead are in fact Rock’n Roll and not Metal.
The band, most prominently Lemmy, always refused to call themselves Metal and stated, that they much more identified with Rock’n Roll, therefor calling Motörhead the loudest Rock’n Roll band to ever grace our ears is quite apt.
On a side note that Umlaut is referred to as a Metal Umlaut, or a Röck Döt. A lot of bands such as Mötley Crew and Blue Öyster Cult zse it stylisticly in their names.
Thanks for the review, great as always.

Leonid Notik says:

awesome review!

Orphan Gypsy says:

Motorhead was Rock and Roll , not Heavy Metal, get your facts right 🙂

Anibal Raposo says:

Love them also rammistien

T says:

motor fuel

UNC Tarheels says:

7:05 = Hot Horst!

Amanda says:

I’m buying this for my dad’s birthday. I heard a lot of negative reviews on their beer, so it looks like I’m upgrading! Thank your for the review, it’s been really helpful!

Raster says:

This is a great review… very entertaining. I really enjoy it when Horst feels free to express himself. I’m trying to convey an idea with some subtlety, for example: I wouldn’t enjoy someone imitating Horst for example because that’s not original, that would be copying. The part I like is a pure case of being yourself, originality, expressing yourself any way you like (I’m reminded, I think that’s generally known as an American cultural emphasis… freedom of expression, openness). So anyway… it’s great.

Next I like the stories he’s telling. Very interesting. I seek out good documentaries, and listening to what Horst decides to convey is an enjoyable way to spend time.

Based upon the review, if I had a chance I’d purchase this bottle and try it. Sounds interesting.


Toto San says:

Sorry. No hair.

1 sonofabiscuit says:

Whisky and rock n roll/heavy metal definitely go together!

qpoqiuqytqrewq says:

You might like Motorhead’s song 1916.

Ben Jammin says:

Such a heartfelt review from a gentlemen who, admittedly, is not a heavy metal listener. Still, the sentiments of any truly honest endeavor always shine through and are easily distinguishable from vast array of frauds in our current society. Apparently, their whisky holds true to form as well. Prost!

Natural Mystic says:

you need to listen to motorhead whilst drinking this!!!!

Morris Nell says:

That was gold ::

The Smoking Kid says:

dam I know u auallydont like holding that shit in your mouth and your just trying to look old and classy lmaoo

Paul Klimm says:

Motörhead isn’t heavy Metal , they play rock ‘n roll. R.I.P lemmy

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