Whisky Review/Tasting: Sasanokawa Cherry Ex

Nosing 2:04
Whisky.com reviews the Sasanokawa Cherry Ex.

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Cesar from Brazil says:

It seems a bottle of olive oil.

Raster says:

I appreciate the review. If it were a reasonable value I might possibly want to try it. I guess that depends upon the price..

lorenz yacoubian says:

According to the Whisky Exchange, this WHISKY / LIQUEUR is made by blending cherry-flavored unaged whisky with aged whisky from Yamazakura.

Christopher Carr says:

I really appreciate the way you explain your taste and nosing notes.

It’s realistic and makes sense unlike some of the crazier reviews I constantly see with an insane amount of smells and crazy specific tastes that don’t sound remotely likely in a whiskey.

Toracos Trader says:

CHERRY EX isn’t “cherry extract”.
The producer had a old distillery, Yama-Zakura distillery, which has now closed. Yama-Zakura means Mountain-Cherry in English. According to the producer, the name CHERRY is related to the old distillery name. EX means “extra” because of that the producer has another Cherry Whisky which is 37% ABV cheaper than the EX. They call the 40% version “extra”.
I heard the producer has opened a new distillery, Asaka Distillery, since 2016.

Mike Tolpa says:

Great review, but sadly i dont think ill find it on my shelves 🙁

Mike Tolpa says:

Wonder where the cherry comes from? Umph!

James B says:

Great review, Ben!

Horatiu Cioloboc says:

Damn that beard’s fkin bad-ass

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