Whisky Review/Tasting: Suntory Hibiki Japanese Harmony

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Whisky .com reviews the Suntory Hibiki Japanese Harmony. The special bottle design reflects the 24 facets of the lunar calendar. Japanese Harmony was created from different malt and grain whiskys of the distillery.

The nose:
Floral, fruity, oak, orange, sandalwood, caramel, vanilla,
The taste:
Sweet, orange, honey note, oily
The finish:
Long with spicy oak

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wendigo says:

all the sounds make me feel like this guy also eats people

HybridEnergy says:

Hmm, I thought it was kind of average.

Taka Oki says:

Your voice makes me laid back

Brian Schlomas says:

Im sampling it as I write this. Buttery smooth. I love it. Give it a try.

Último Templario says:

Do you knows a YouTuber Luiz Felipe of the Canal Whisky Brazilian???


you only paid 60 for this? because i heard the toki costs 60 and the hibiki is 100

MyLittleDiscolite says:

For relaxing times, make it Suntory times

Taylor_UMF_93 says:

Cost $119.00 CND with tax around $135.00 CND. In British Columbia.

TellMe IfItsReal says:

I have this whisky, for me it was just as you described on the nose. But on the palate, I found it was slightly thin, though I picked up on the flavors you mention. I think it’s worth the money.

Eric Knight says:

Hello Sir, I have actually visited the Distillery where Suntory Whiskey is made.  It’s just outside Kyoto.  I have recently purchased a bottle of this Whiskey and am looking forward to drinking some this weekend.  Thank you for the fantastic review.  If you would like to see any pictures from the tour of Suntory, please feel free to ask me.  I will gladly sent some.

UNC Tarheels says:

Hey Horst, can you find on YouTube a video of suntory making a Japanese oak cask/barrel. thanks!!!

lorenz yacoubian says:

Herr Luening, between the “Harmony” and the 12 year old, which one is your favorite. Vielen Dank.

Run Hard says:

Finally a video without a music on the background. Two thumbs up!

Veta Strigax 1987 says:


Lance Link says:

How does this compare to the Hibiki 12 and 17 year old which you reviewed in German?
Nice Rolex Submariner!!!!

Thraith says:

Hibiki 21 is the best whiskey I’ve ever had. So far, that is.

GS 5717 says:

He tastes it in the right way, rolling it in the mouth, over and under the tongue, keeping it for at least 10 seconds before swallowing it. But he sounds like a washing machine while doing it. Put the microphone someplace more subtle.

Nathan136 says:

Just bought this bottle in Pa for 49.99

Jaime Gracious says:

You take on quite a different personality as soon as the aroma hits your nose. Very intense.

drpapa26 says:

For relaxing times…

kaizaan Irani says:

Just drink the whisky and give the review. Whats all this shit about history and paper shit.

James says:

I don’t really drink whiskey a lot, but watching this made me salivate.

Erik Sojka says:

I’ve tried many many whiskey’s. But this I have to try!!! Thanks

Paul Lynch says:

The Hibiki NAS was only brought in because demand meant that there wasn’t enough supply of aged whiskey. It is definitely inferior to the 12 and 17 yr old statements, but here in Japan it is almost impossible to find those, where as the Harmony version is quite easy to find.

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